Frequently Asked Questions about ELITE

Do I need to pay a set up fee?

No. Absolutely no setup fee. EDI enrollment and payment address updates (if needed) are all done at no extra cost.

Can I choose the software I want to use?

Yes. Elite is all about FLEXIBILITY. If you have a licensed billing software or a preferred web-based billing account and would like to continue using it, Elite can connect to your system remotely or to the website locally and just pick up where you left off. Otherwise, you also have a chocie of switching to a new and more efficient system. We can refer you to a host of affordable practice management software packages, from the simple and straightforward billing modules to fully integrated Electronic Health Record systems, all based on the specific needs of your practice.

Can I copy data from my current software to the new system?

It would depend largely on the data-exporting features of your current software. What we can assure you is that we will exert all effort and technical expertise available to make your data compatible. We can proudly say that we have successfully converted demographics and appointment information to and from all major medical billing systems.

What kind of equipment do I need in the office?

For our most basic billing set up, you will need at least one computer, one scanner, and a standard DSL / Cable internet connection.

How do I send my superbills and EOBs to you?

You can send them either by scanning securely to our server, mailing to us via courier pick up, or uploading directly to your online electronic medical record system.

Will my cash flow suffer during transition to your service?

No, Elite has the reputation of getting you set up in record time by giving you several transition options. First, from the first day or two of meeting with you, we have your electronic submission enrollment forms ready for your signature. Second, we make full use of current clearinghouse authorizations your practice may already have by using your own software during transition or making use of a compatible software that we may have. We make sure your revenue cycle is uninterrupted as we move you to an even more efficient way of billing.

Do you follow up overdue claims?

Yes we do.Elite includes insurance calling of overdue payments in all our standard contracts. You'll be surprised at how much the ultra-large billing companies charge for this “premium service” of following up delayed payments. We believe that doing follow up calls should be a core service of billing companies because someone has to make sure all parties fulfill their responsibilities in the legal and social contract of health care service. Keeping track and running after your receivables – that's our job not yours.

How will you improve my collections and save me money?

Elite makes sure that your claim information is complete and accurate, with appropriate codes and modifiers. We submit your claims electronically whenever available and religiously track and confirm claim acceptance. We use industry bulletins and website tools and collective feedback from providers to monitor changes in payer policies and reimbursements. We resolve denials, challenge underpaid claims, and follow up delayed payments. Elite provides you with an extended manpower that will entertain your patients' inquiries way into the night when the rest of your office and clinical staff are resting. We give you expert advise and direct assistance in resolving enrollment, contract and credentialing issues to get your practice maximum payment for services rendered.

Do you have any preferred specialties?

We accept all specialties – from general primary care clinics like family medicine, pediatrics and internal medicine, to special facilities like rural health clinics, urgent care centers, diagnostic centers, and sleep clinics, to focused technical fields like cardiology, ophthalmology, dermatology, podiatry, and neurology.

How much does your service cost?

We offer competitive rates depending on your specialty, practice size and software licensing needs.

What reports are available at the end of the month and year?

We provide charges and payments summary, aged accounts receivable summary, provider productivity by procedure and location, top insurance payers, and other customized reports.